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Pearson's MyLab South Asia EngineeringTM is an online collaborative e-learning platform for students, faculty and management. MLSA EngineeringTM provides a complete learning platform with high quality curriculum-aligned learning materials, assessments, teaching, learning and analytical tools to universities and colleges.

  • Access study material anytime, anywhere
  • Curriculum–aligned courses across Engineering branches
  • Engaging and concept based learning enriched with Rich interactive media assets
  • Built-in question banks and tools to create, share your content and assessments
  • Grade books, performance analytic for personalized outcome based learning

An opportunity to transform your traditional campus into a digital campus, where all the stakeholders (teachers, students, and management) get the right outcome-aligned tools to enable them to achieve their objectives better, faster with state-of-the-art technologies

Benefits for STUDENTS

Benefits for STUDENTS
  • Learn anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Learn efficiently through digital media assets
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Perform better in academics and placements

Benefits for FACULTY

Benefits for FACULTY
  • Deliver captivating and impactful classroom lectures
  • Increase efficacy of the teaching-learning process
  • Create Smart assessments with automatic Grading
  • Remain connected with students using social learning tools

Benefits for MANAGEMENT

Benefits for MANAGEMENT
  • Uniform academic standards across branches
  • Monitor and improvise academic performances
  • Attract and retain talented faculty
  • Reduce faculty training costs
Features :

A collaborative learning platform that improves the teaching-learning process. It does so by providing better managed courses, content delivery, assessment support, learning analytics, adaptive and social learning tools.

Online assessment tools that create, execute and report on online assignments. This includes a ready-made question bank for a range of subjects, tools to create your own question bank, quizzes, a grade book and performance analytics.


Digital teaching and learning tools for teachers that make classroom teaching effective and engaging. You can tailor your lessons, customize the content you share with your students, assign homework, and much more.

For more details visit: http://mylabsouthasia.com/btech/

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