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Pearson English GoTM

Only 13% of graduates from emerging countries are suitable for employment in global companies, according to a McKinsey & Co. study, and the primary reason cited is a lack of English skills. For students, this means that building their English skills is critical for their advanced studies and career potential. This new reality is increasing demand from students and parents for access to more English language learning programs in many markets.

If your school, organization or program is looking for options to meet these demands, Pearson English Go can help.

This award-winning self-study program, already recognized as the top online English learning program by employers, now has a student version available. It’s designed to allow you to reach more students and locations in a cost-effective way while maintaining instructional quality.As an online program, it can also be delivered as blended learning in combination with your on-site or virtual teachers.

  • Scales to many students and locations, even if you don’t have enough trained teachers
  • Consistently provides high-quality instruction to all students
  • Provides a personalized learning experience for each student, even when enrollment is large
  • Increases access options for students and meets them in their digital lives
  • Proven track record with top global employers
  • Seven-level curriculum, from true beginner to upper intermediate (CEFR A1–B2)
  • Adaptive Placement Test and personal study plan
  • Integrated instruction and practice across all skills with engaging, interactive activities
  • Speaking and pronunciation with the most advanced speech recognition and remediation in the industry
  • Grammar, Pronunciation, and Stress and Intonation Practice Centers for focused skill building
  • Access to the LinGo mobile and browser app and toolbar
  • Administrator tools and reports to manage enrollment and track student progress
  • Local language support in 14 languagess

Interactive lessons across all skills keep students engaged

With the LinGo app, students have convenient access to language tools on their browsers or mobile device

Pearson English GoTM

With Pearson English Go as the core of your learning program, you can determine which deployment model will best support your goals and program design:

  1. Self-Study: Pearson English Go can stand on its own. Students create a personalized learning plan and study to achieve a goal set by your program or the students themselves.
  2. Program Monitor: Your teachers monitor groups of students and provide encouragement and support to each student as he or she completes a personal learning plan.
  3. Virtual Blended: Your teachers leverage One Community to manage online student communities and create online tutorials.
  4. In-Person Blended: Students use Pearson English Go as their core curriculum, but get practice and feedback at the offline conversation classes* your teachers hold regularly.

Our team can also work with you to define other deployment models and implementation plans to meet your needs.

* Note: Lesson plans based on Go content are available.


“What impresses me the most is how effective the activities are! I do the exercises for my level and at my own pace.”

-Renato, Brazil